Players who cheat and abuse offers at casinos and play slots online will definitely be blacklisted. This article highlights people who have been blacklisted in casinos and the reasons for it. These people include several celebrities who are unwelcome in blackjack and roulette in several casinos.

Lil’ Wayne

The rap artist Lil’ Wayne is blacklisted by the Wynn Casino. Wayne’s lifetime ban was issued due to his alcohol addiction. Wayne who allegedly enjoys blackjack and poker was forcibly removed from this casino in Las Vegas. After over-consumption of alcohol, Wayne’s behavior could not be tolerated by the casino’s management. This vice has also seen him receive a three-year ban barring him from consuming alcohol anywhere in Arizona.

Louis John Olejack

Olejack was blacklisted in 1997. He is barred from all Nevada casinos because of blackjack cheating. Louis would bend blackjack cards which aided him in identifying the cards on the deck. As a result, he was able to garner more than $5,000. He has also been arrested for possessing a slot cheating device. This device gave him an illegal advantage over the casinos. He was also convicted for transportation of stolen goods and violation of several other gambling rules.

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Paris Hilton

This Hollywood celebrity shot to fame due to her father’s money, Hilton was blacklisted by the Paris Casino in Las Vegas in 2006. This was after betting a Bentley worth more than $175,000 in blackjack. Having no previous experience or even basic strategy in poker, Hilton lost the bet thus losing the vehicle. His father, one of the richest men on earth directed that she will be banned from gambling in the casino. Paris Hilton was therefore banned for life from this premise.

Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo

This is one of the most famous roulette cheats. After cracking the code behind the spinning wheel, Gonzalo was able to earn more than $ 1 million playing roulette alone. In his career, he cleaned out several casinos in Las Vegas by using this trick. Different casinos suspected his tricks and upon investigation, his method was discovered. Garcia was banned from casinos in Las Vegas and Madrid ending his short-lived gambling career. His strategies were considered unethical leading to constant monitoring of roulette wheels by casinos.

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Dennis Sean McAndrew

Dennis is famous for slot machine cheats in casinos. Raking over $16 million from slots, he posed a threat to the slot industry in its entirety. His tactics and strategies involved electronic manipulation of slot chips which landed him slot jackpots easily. Working with a team, he was able to beat all the security precautions by the casinos and win huge amounts. His career ended in the late 90s after he was discovered, convicted and jailed. This earned him a lifetime ban by casinos in Nevada and Atlantic City.

The above list represents people who’ve been banned in casinos and other gambling platforms. Some of these cheats were able to make a name for themselves while others were banned due to their vices. Either way, these are the top persons blacklisted from gambling.