Cynthia Jay

It was the life turning point of Cynthia Jay, a waitress at Las Vegas’ Monte Carlo. On the 26th January 2000, she bet on the popular megabucks lottery jackpot during her lover’s mother’s birthday celebration. Without knowing the whereabouts of her 9th pull, she emerged a big winner of $34,959,458. Having won big she got married to her boyfriend in two weeks time and immediately makes plans to travel the globe. Cynthia has experienced both good and bad fortune as just a few weeks time she lost her sister, Lela and she got paralyzed from her chest down after involving in a horrible road accident.

Gloria McKenzie

This incredible lucky grandma became the biggest winner of the Power-ball lottery. Despite her old age on May 2013, she scooped $590 million. The Florida grandma won the jackpot beating the odds of 1 in 175 million. It’s unbelievable that after she bought a ticket in one of the local supermarkets when someone in front of her in the queue allowed her to go first. This act of kindness cost a huge amount of money but Gloria never complains.

poker chips and house

Conor Murphy

The 2012 Cheltenham horse racing festival Murphy won the unbelievable wager that has previously been placed in 2011. This festival in the United Kingdom attracts a number of horse racing bettors. He won £1 million on the horse accumulator which he had earlier placed during the Christmas time in 2011.

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Don Johnson

This seasoned gambler incredibly broke the winning records in Blackjack within a short period of 6 months. In 2011 he pocketed $15.8 million when he started playing blackjack 15 years ago, he never knew that one day he will land to such a big win. In the course of his five months, he played blackjack at Borgota, Tropicana and Caesar’s at Atlantic City casinos. His betting style made him desirable and he being a great spender making profits to the casino made him a great customer. The shock is that Johnson was not a professional gambler he simply played smart and luckily won.

Collins and Chris Weir

The two won the highest ever Euro millions lottery jackpot in 2011. The amazing lucky couple who had married over 30 years won a stager £161 million. As obvious, when such amount is won most people buy expensive gifts such as luxury cars and houses, to them they have gone an extra mile helping others. They have donated to the needy and in the year 2015, they launched Weir Foundation.

The above 5 people have made history through gambling games. They’re just a few as the list can go up for days. Some have even gone to a point for selling all their properties to play, others are inexperienced players, some are very old and young. But they have made it through gambling. You need to start betting now as tomorrow you never know whether you will be the next big winner and change your life once and for all.